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ECT: Module 1
Finding our way and embedding in practice

Your new role as a teacher and character educator

Do you feel confident that you understand character education and how to embed it in your practice?

Confidence levels

Time for a Whistle-stop recap!

Remember the building blocks of character?

Find the building blocks of character on the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues website here

Let's recap phronesis too...


Practical wisdom

'Phronesis, translated into English by terms such as prudence, practical virtue and practical wisdom, or, colloquially, good sense is an ancient Greek word for a type of wisdom or intelligence relevant to practical action.'

remember the 'trinity' of character education?


Do you remember how to identify your own virtues and morals?

How about using language that children can access?

Can you think of specific and explicit opportunities to talk about character in academic and non-academic ways?

Phew! Let's move on...